Pivo Pod Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder, 360° Rotation, 6 Speed, Content Creator Essentials for Fitness Tracker, Live Streaming, Vlog with Remote Control

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Introducing the Pivo Pod Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder, the perfect companion for content creators looking to take their videos and live streams to the next level! Designed to make filming yourself a breeze, this innovative phone holder offers seamless 360° rotation and precise face tracking for captivating footage in any situation.

Capture every moment with incredible precision as the Pivo Pod effortlessly follows your movements. Whether you’re showcasing your latest workout routine, recording a vlog, or engaging with your audience through live streaming, this device is an absolute game changer. Gone are the days of having to constantly adjust the camera or ask a friend to film for you – now, you can be your own director!

Equipped with six different speed settings, the Pivo Pod allows you to choose the perfect pace for your video, ensuring smooth and professional-looking content every time. Experiment with different speeds to add flair and excitement to your footage, or keep it steady for detailed product showcases or tutorials.

The Pivo Pod is an essential tool for fitness enthusiasts, allowing you to effortlessly record your workouts, track your progress, and share your fitness journey with the world. Thanks to its intelligent face tracking technology, the Pivo Pod stays locked onto you, even during intense movements, ensuring your viewers never miss a step.

To make your filming experience even more convenient, this phone holder also comes with a wireless remote control. Seamlessly switch between front and rear-facing cameras, start or stop recording, and take stunning photos with just a click of a button. With the remote control in your hand, you have the power to direct and create captivating content wherever you go.

Compact, portable, and incredibly easy to use, the Pivo Pod is compatible with most smartphones on the market. Its adjustable clamp ensures a secure fit, keeping your phone in place even during dynamic shoots. Whether you’re an aspiring content creator, social media influencer, or simply someone who wants to capture life’s precious moments with ease, the Pivo Pod is an essential addition to your content creation arsenal.

Elevate your videos, engage your audience, and transform your content with the Pivo Pod Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder. Order now and unlock the endless possibilities of professional-quality filming, making every moment count.,


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